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Grow Your Taxi Booking Business With Our White
Label Taxi App Solution -Hyperdrive

Take your taxi start-up to new heights with our on demand taxi booking app solutions. Revolutionise your clients’ commutes with “Hyperdrive”! Our app offers seamless registration, ride booking, real-time navigation, in-app payments, and smart transportation insights. Let us help you accelerate your cab booking business and establish new milestones.

With our offerings extending to custom app development services , we will assist you in making every platform of Hyperdrive the way you want.

Key Interfaces Of Our White Label Taxi App Solution

Driver App

Strengthen your drivers' experience with the driver application, which allows drivers to accept or decline taxi booking requests and keep track of their earnings as well.

Manage Rides

Customers can make a ride request and it’s up to the driver whether they want to reject or accept the request.

Set Availability

Drivers are allowed to set their availability status to accept the ride request or not.

Real-time Navigation

The drivers can track customer locations in real-time using GPS and receive route directions via maps.

Ride Summary

Drivers manage and control the summary of their whole day regarding bookings, confirmations, and cancellations.

Ratings and Reviews

The drivers can give feedback or rate their experience about the journey or any misbehaving customer.

Customer App

Assure your customers with the convenience of on demand transportation at their fingertips. Your riders can book cabs from anywhere at their preferred time and any location, making transportation hassle-free and seamless for them.

Easy Register

Customers can easily register or sign up on our on demand taxi booking app.

Ride Request

Riders can request or book a cab through their smartphones from their desired location and at their planned time, making travel simple and efficient.

Push Notifications

Shows notifications to passengers about ride booking, confirmation, cancellations and special offers.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track the real-time location of the driver and how much time it will take the driver to reach their destination

In-App Payments

Our on demand taxi app lets passengers make payments through the app with ease.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can give feedback and reviews as per their ride experience through the app.

Admin Panel

Get our white label taxi app solution with an effective dashboard, which is your single source of data that helps your taxi business manage customers, drivers, and cabs.

Passengers details

The dashboard contains information about your customers, and their ride requests etc.

Drivers details

Handle the details of drivers, their names, licences, and other documents.

Generate reports

Admins can generate comprehensive reports on passengers and rides.

Set prices

Admins have the power to set or modify the fares, discounts, and offers.

Get your own white label taxi booking app with 100% guaranteed success.

With our valued taxi app for sale services, our experts assist you in boosting your brand and achieving direct online reservation, We ensure seamless functioning of your business.

Flexible engagement model

Customised engagement models facilitating fixed rate or hourly hiring of developers and designers.

Complete transparency

100% white label solution to ensure that you and our team are always on the same page.

Expert designers and developers

Our specialists will handle your unique business needs as they have the ability to work in versatile numerous domains.

Timely delivery

We value your time with our focus on timely project delivery by incorporating it with the highest quality standards.

Why is Hyperdrive superior to other taxi apps and How It can make transportation management smarter and easier?

Configurable Push Notifications

The push notifications in Hyperdrive are completely configurable as per your requirements.

Shortest TAT

Get your application completely white labelled with the Turn-Around-Time of the app live in a couple of days.

Geofencing Enabled

Hyperdrive gives you the option to launch in multiple regions with configurable pricing, and vehicles by implementing easy-to-manage geofences.


Hyperdrive is inclusive for all. Add as many languages as you want to reach multiple demographics.

Geo Analytics

Hyperdrive has the ability to filter data for a particular region of operation.

Real-Time Updates

Unlike others, Hyperdrive is based on web sockets and it provides real-time updates.

Customised Solution

Our approach involves understanding the requirements of your business, allowing us to create a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Other Use Cases for Hyperdrive

Ride Hailing Services

Our white label ride hailing app solution provides a seamless and user-friendly ride hailing experience for your customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.

Taxi Booking Services At the Airport

Transform airport taxi services with our airport taxi mobile app solution, providing swift and reliable rides for passengers arriving or departing, making travel a breeze.

Food Delivery Services

Enhance food delivery experiences with a user-friendly food delivery app solution that connects customers, restaurants, and delivery drivers, offering seamless order processing and real-time tracking.

Grocery Delivery Services

Simplify grocery shopping by offering your customers with our convenient grocery delivery app for sale that allows them to shop and track their orders, featuring a wide selection of products for them with fast and efficient delivery.

Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Our white label pick-up and delivery services app solution provides a simple and efficient way for businesses to manage their pick-up and delivery services, enabling them to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fleet Management Services

Optimize your fleet operations with our fleet management solution, featuring real-time vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, and driver performance monitoring.

Logistics Services

Meet the demands of the modern logistics industry with our on demand logistics app solution that connects customers, drivers, and logistics providers, ensuring seamless delivery experiences and real-time tracking.

Tracking and Dispatching Services

Boost your tracking and dispatching efficiency with our tracking and dispatching app for sale, featuring real-time driver location tracking, automated dispatching, and streamlined communication tools for more responsive and reliable service.

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