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As an end-to-end provider and with a number of years of experience working with organisations from all sectors around the globe, LDT Technology can provide IT staff augmentation services for enhancing efficiency and reducing expenses. Additionally, through our extensive experience, we offer IT support and maintenance services to ensure that your business receives the necessary support for optimal performance.

Whether you are a private or public sector organisation, or whether you want to run our solutions on your own hardware or outsource your tasks through us, LDT Technology provides the expertise you need to overcome the challenges you face through our IT consulting with you.

We provide continuous support and maintenance, assuring regular monitoring, ultimately leading to an optimal output of your project.
Our IT staff augmentation company offers flexible engagement models. Whether it's a short-term project or a long-term commitment, we provide services on both hourly and monthly basis.
You can choose the most suitable method based on your specific project requirements, budget, and timelines.

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Our Simplified 4-Step Process For Hiring Top Software Developers

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Stating Needs
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Scheduling Interviews
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Hire Ideal Candidates
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The Solutions We Work On

Onshore Development

Our onshore development solutions cater to clients looking for developers to work in their office premises. By providing access to skilled professionals in your same geographic area, we ensure seamless integration with your team, cultural alignment, and convenient collaboration to support your project's success.

Offshore Development

Our team of experts also has the ability to work remotely to deliver high-quality software solutions at a lower cost, making it an economical choice for businesses looking to outsource their development needs. With our offshore development services, you can rest assured that we will deliver your project on time and within your budget.

Supportive Hiring Models We Offer

It Satff
IT Staff Augmentation

Our approach to IT staff augmentation involves integrating skilled professionals into your technical team, managed by your project manager. With the necessary skill set in place with our IT staff augmentation company, your project's progress can scale up twice.

Ideal for -
Businesses having tight deadlines to meet.
Businesses that want advanced skill set for their project.

Committed Team

We can put together a dedicated team of developers who will work along with your in-house development team to handle your specific project tasks. Additionally, we also offer experienced project managers to supervise the work and facilitate project activity using various communication tools.

Ideal for -
Businesses having tight deadlines to meet.
Businesses need to oversee and control overall project success.

End-to-end Project Outsourcing

You can hand over the entire software development project to us, allowing you to decrease development costs as you won't have to hire, onboard, and train full-time technical staff.

Ideal for -
Businesses focusing on their core activities.
Businesses have overloaded work to complete in a limited time duration.

Why Outsource Your IT Staff Augmentation Services With LDT Technology?

There are multiple advantages when you choose us.

Increasing Efficiency

We can handle your prolonged tasks quickly, freeing up your time to focus on other strategic initiatives, which will increase the efficiency of your organisation, ultimately driving productivity and output.

Focus on core
Focus On Core Specialities

At LDT Technology, we believe in letting you concentrate on what you do best. By outsourcing IT staff augmentation services to us, you can redirect your focus towards your core specialities, ensuring optimal productivity and specialisation in your key areas.

Project's Success Is Our Priority

Your project's success is not our goal; it's our priority. LDT Technology aligns every staff augmentation strategy with your project objectives, ensuring that success becomes a shared journey.

providing world-class
Providing World-class Talent And Skills

We provide you with skilled talents that match your project requirements and will seamlessly be integrated into your team, fostering collaboration and excellence.

Our Technology Stack

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